GWR Castles (PT2)

My latest completed proofreading project for Pen & Sword Books was the second volume of what is planned to be a three-book set about the classic ‘Castle’ class steam locomotives of the Great Western Railway (GWR). (I had previously carried out a similar proofreading project on Volume One.) Author David Maidment has written a superb follow up to the earlier work, charting the history of the Castles at the end of their service with British Railways (BR) . Although the victims of not being looked after as well as in their prime, the Castles were reliable performers, consistent and worthy, even rescuing their diesel successors when the latter machines failed in service! Through his work with BR, Mr Maidment was involved on many occasions with different members of the class; his memoirs are supplemented by a comprehensive selection of photographs, both black and white and colour, showing these fine engines in their prime. Volume Three will look at those class members who survived to be preserved.

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