Worcester Locomotive Shed

I have today finished a further railway proofread for Pen & Sword Books. The subject was the former Worcester Locomotive Shed at the end of Western Region steam, from 1960 to 1966. The author is Steve Bartlett, who has previously written books about the sheds at Hereford and Gloucester. Mr Bartlett’s father occupied senior positions at all three locations, and the author draws upon his records, as well as those of other staff members, to produce an interesting, well illustrated and enjoyable record of the 1960s. Worcester was home to an exotic mix of former GWR motive power, from ‘Castles’ through to humble Pannier Tanks, and even some of the 1930s-built diesel railcars, modern for their time. The result is a good book, which is up to the standard of the two previous volumes. (I was lucky enough to proofread both the earlier volumes.)

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