Useful Diesels

Most of the so-called ‘first generation’ diesel and electric locomotives that were introduced onto British Railways as a result of the 1955 Modernisation Plan have now been removed from service, although a fair cross-section have found their way into preservation. One of the more successful classes were the English Electric Class 50 diesels, first being introduced in 1967 and the final examples being removed from BR service in 1994. My latest proofread for Pen & Sword Books was a picture book detailing the collective life of these machines following their transfer to the Western Region of BR during the mid-1970s. Author Peter J. Green has pulled together a fine collection of his pictures (plus a few from a friend and colleague of his) to build a book showing the hard work carried out by these engines. Their post-BR life is also highlighted and there is even a view of one of the ten similar machines built for the railways in Portugal during the late 1960s.

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