Transports of Delight

I have continued to be busy with a number of different proofreading projects, all of which have been completed since my last blog. The first of these was a railway picture album completed on behalf of Pen & Sword Books, this one being one man’s photographic journey across the Eastern and London Midland Regions of British Railways, during the final decade of steam traction from 1958-68. In contrast, my next project, again for Pen & Sword, was a history of one of , perhaps, one of the lesser-known of the Welsh narrow-gauge railways, the Corris Railway. As with many similar organisations, it was built to carry slate traffic and passengers; however, when traffic levels fell away, the line was closed during the late 1940s. Happily, a new Corris Railway is being built and operated by dedicated volunteers.

My latest Pen & Sword project was a colour album about heritage buses in Devon. Bus running days are held in this area, usually marking a theme or an anniversary. Old buses and coaches that have been lovingly preserved by their owners come out to play, recreating the transport scene of days gone by, when roads were not quite so crowded. My personal knowledge of buses, other than those around London, is a little hazy – however, I enjoyed this last work, enhanced by some superb colour photography.

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