The Transport Treasury

Over the 2019/20 festive period, I have been working on two further proofreading projects. The company concerned is The Transport Treasury, custodians of a wide cross-section of transport-related photographs, who are now moving into publishing, using material from the collections held.

The projects in question had two contrasting railway themes. The first was about first generation British Railways diesels in East Anglia, all pictures having been taken by Dr Ian C. Allen. The period of time covered was from the early 1950s to the early 1980s, and looked at the original diesel locomotives and multiple units used in an area of the country where many lines were being closed or run down. What was interesting was that the new traction was depicted alongside the steam-era infrastructure and, in a few cases, alongside the last steam survivors.

The second project was about a somewhat overlooked subject, non-passenger carrying vehicles of the Western Region of British Railways. The time period covered mainly from 1950 to the end of WR steam in 1965, and used pictures from the collections of R.C.Riley and Peter Gray. An astonishing variety of locomotives and rolling stock were depicted, showing just how much the freight side of the railway has changed, from long trains carrying mixtures of open wagons, covered vans and other miscellaneous units, in contrast to the uniform trains of block vehicles seen today.

Both projects are of high quality and deserve a place on the bookshelves of many railway enthusiasts.

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