The Pioneering Liverpool and Manchester Railway

Earlier today I completed my latest proofreading project for Pen & Sword Books, this being an in-depth look at the steam locomotives built and employed on the Liverpool and Manchester Railway, the first ‘inter-city’ railway to be built anywhere in the world. Many people will be familiar with ‘Rocket’ and its triumph at the 1829 Rainhill Locomotive Trials. This book goes much further, however, and looks at those steam locomotives built for the L&MR from the late 1820s up until 1846, when it started on the process of being absorbed into what became the London and North Western Railway. This short period of time was one of trial and error in all departments of the new transport link. The book highlights the immense contribution of George and Robert Stephenson, together with other locomotive designers whose products appeared on the fledgling railway, such as Timothy Hackworth and Edward Bury. A well-researched and well-written work, it will be a worthy addition to many a bookshelf, throwing an overdue spotlight on this pioneering part of railway history.

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