Steam Across The Regions

My latest completed proofreading project for Pen & Sword Books has been on a railway subject, this one entitled ‘Steam Across The Regions’. It draws on the photograph collection of David Knapman and is a ‘journey’ across Britain, covering all the regions of BR. The 1960s are the period of time covered, although Mr Knapman has included a few pictures taken by his father prior to 1939, one of which is a rare shot of one of the two Gresley P1 2-8-2 locomotives designed for freight haulage. Many classes of locomotive, from the great to the humble, find a place. There are also some images of wayside stations in rural Essex, some of which are still in active service. Prior to this, I had worked on one of Mr Knapman’s previous books, and this latest publication is a fitting and satisfying end to this particular ‘journey’.

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