Southern Way 54

One proofreading series of projects that I am involved in is that for Crecy Publishing, the publication in question being the Southern Way. This is what might be described as a ‘bookazine’, which appears once every three months. I was recently asked to proofread edition 54, which featured the usual cross-section of topics with a common Southern Railway (SR) theme. Probably the most unusual was an article based on the notes of John Click, one of Oliver Bulleid’s assistants during his time as the SR’s Chief Mechanical Engineer, on Mr Bulleid’s last steam project when subsequently working in Ireland for CIE, the so-called ‘turf burner’. This unusual engine shared many features in common with the previous ‘Leader’ and actually ran successful trails on CIE. Sadly, at the same time, it had been decided by those in charge to replace steam with diesel, and so the ‘turf burner’ faded away. Something different.

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