Small London Buses

My most recent completed proofreading project for Pen & Sword Books was a manuscript on the subject of ‘The London Mini and Midi Bus Types’. Written by David Beddall, the definition of these two types of vehicles is that a minibus seats no more than twenty-five passengers whilst a midibus is no longer than 10 metres in length. Mr Beddall’s book told the story of those types employed by London Transport and its successors from 1933 onwards, the start of London Transport (LT). Whilst LT inherited many small buses in July 1933, many types have appeared in the privatised bus world of London from the 1980s onwards. Mr Beddall had clearly carried out much research, providing snapshots of a wide variety of vehicles from a miscellany of manufacturers. A comprehensive collection of photographs backed up the informative text, one that should provide a useful reference point for many bus and transport enthusiasts.

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