Siege of Leningrad

I have just completed a new military proofread for Pen & Sword Books. The subject is the role of the Spanish Army’s Blue Division and in particular the artillery section. The time period concerned is February 1943 and the Blue Division were employed as part of the Axis forces surrounding the city of Leningrad. Emphasis is placed upon the battle of Krasny Bor on the 10th of February. In this action, the Red Army attacked the Spanish positions, forcing the Spanish Army back to start with. However, the Spanish forces established a second line of defence and halted the advance. When the Spanish were relieved by German forces, the defence line was consolidated and, therefore, this action is described as a ‘tactical’ victory for the Axis forces, as the Russians failed to achieve their objectives for the attack.

A very well written and researched work which should appear on the bookshelf of many a military historian.

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