Recent proofreading projects on contrasting subjects

Recently I have been busy with three proofreading projects, spanning two totally different subjects. The first of these was for Pen & Sword and was an account of the American Apollo 11 Space Mission of July 1969 Рthe first time that man walked on the moon. What was different about this manuscript was that it told the story  of the mission from accounts published in the world media of the time. In addition, other issues of the time were included and the wide variety of opinions about the mission, both in America and the rest of the world. A very readable account and one that should prove popular during the coming year, a significant anniversary for the mission.

My other two projects were very much earth-bound, both for Crecy Publishing and both to do with railways. The first of these was the second volume of Great Western Railway Cartage. In 2018 I worked on the first volume of this series, which collectively tells the story of road vehicles used by the Great Western Railway. Much ground was covered, including efforts made by the GWR to counter competition from other road hauliers.¬† My most recent project involved working on the latest edition of ‘The Southern Way’, a ‘bookazine’ publication that appears quarterly, and which focuses on the former Southern Railway and Southern Region of British Railways, as well as the pre-Grouping railway companies in the southern part of England.

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