Proofreading and publishing update

I am writing to say that Jacett Publishing is alive and kicking!  As regards books, copies are available of ‘Lectures, Railtours and Railway Walks’, ‘Excellence in Miniature’ and ‘From Nationalisation to Privatisation’. All of these titles can be obtained via the website. I am also looking at two new book projects and hope to get these under way in the near future.

I am looking to expand my proofreading activities.  At the present moment in time, I would like to build on the work that I have already done for Pen & Sword, The History Press and Pitch Publishing. Those projects that I have done have been completed alongside one-off proofreads that I have undertaken for private individuals.

If anyone would like to talk to me about proofreading work, please contact me via the website or at


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