Looking back in history

I have recently completed a further two proofreading projects, both for Pen & Sword Books, on two contrasting periods of history. The first was an oral history entitled Hitler’s Germany. This manuscript drew on interviews with people who lived in Germany from 1912 until 1945. I found it a very powerful and moving work, one of the best that I have read. The manuscript was one that I feel would leave a deep impression on any reader and provided a more ‘personal’ type of history of those turbulent times, fitting in well alongside the more ‘official’ works published over the years.

My second project was a biography of King Edward II, who was king of England from 1307 to 1327. A well-written manuscript aimed (I was told) at younger readers, but one which would be suitable for anyone looking to begin studying the time period in question. A list of recommended further reading is included at the end of the manuscript.

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