Diesel Pioneers

My latest completed proofreading project for Pen & Sword Books was a weighty volume about two of the short-lived pioneering diesel classes of the BR Modernisation Plan of 1955, the Class 15 and Class 16 Type 1 diesel-electrics. The author, Anthony Sayer, had previously completed other books for Pen & Sword on domestic classes of diesels that had a short lifespan. It was obvious that Mr Sayer had carried out research in great depth, drawing on material from various sources, the end result being a comprehensive study of the life and times of these pioneering diesels, fifty-four in total. Sadly, events conspired against these machines. The work for which they were built largely disappeared during the 1960s and this, combined with their small numbers and technical problems, brought their lives to an early end. Happily, an example of the Class 15 was preserved and is under restoration at the East Lancs Railway. A very good reference book.

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