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Railways and Industry in the Tondu Valleys

I have just completed a new Pen & Sword proofreading project, this one about railways past and present in the Tondu Valleys of South Wales. The railway system was built for two purposes, to carry raw materials and produce to and from industry, such as coal and steel, and to carry passengers, either employees of […]

Like Lightning!

I have just finished a new proofread on behalf of Pen & Sword Books, this one being about the magnificent English Electric Lightning jet fighter and the viewpoint of the pilots who flew this wonderful aircraft in (mainly) RAF service, although coverage is also given to those examples that served in Saudi Arabia. In my […]

A Classic Railway Book

I have just completed a new proofreading project for Crecy Publishing, this being on a reprint of two well-known railway books about the now-closed Somerset and Dorset (S&D) Railway. The manuscript concerned was a combined edition of two books previously written by former S&D footplateman Peter Smith. Mr Smith worked on the line as both […]

Normandy’s Nightmare War

I have just completed a military proofread on behalf of Pen & Sword Books, this one on the subject of the occupation of Normandy by the German armed forces between 1940 and 1945. The manuscript was very well researched and written, having originally, I understand, been published some years back. It has now been reissued, […]

Hayling Island Branch

I have just finished a new railway proofreading project on behalf of Pen & Sword Books, this one being a picture book about the life and times of the former Hayling Island Branch Line, a route which closed in November 1963. It seems that the line was one that made money for the railway system […]

Latest Proofreading News

I have today completed a new proofreading project for Pen & Sword Books. This latest project is a railway subject and is a listing of all the stations on the domestic railway system which have either been opened or reopened since the nationalisation of the UK railways on 1 January 1948. A useful guide, and […]

Yesteryear transport in London

My two most recent proofreading projects for Pen & Sword Books have had, in common, subjects to do with yesteryear transport in London. The first of these was a colour picture album ‘recalling’ London’s transport. The bulk of the illustrations were taken from 1949 to 1969 and looked at all forms of transport. These included […]

The Southern After Steam

I have just finished a further railway proofread on behalf of Pen & Sword Books, this latest project being a railway picture book taking an overview of the Southern Region of British Railways from 1960 to 1988, and looking at the Region’s vast fleet of multiple units, both diesel and electric, together with the diesel […]

Planes, trains and … buses!

I have continued to be busy with my various proofreading projects, as usual covering a miscellany of subjects. All of these projects were done on behalf of Pen & Sword Books. First off the blocks was a manuscript that looked at the subject of the Allied bombing offensive against Germany during the Second World War. […]

Looking back in history

I have recently completed a further two proofreading projects, both for Pen & Sword Books, on two contrasting periods of history. The first was an oral history entitled Hitler’s Germany. This manuscript drew on interviews with people who lived in Germany from 1912 until 1945. I found it a very powerful and moving work, one of the […]