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A Light Railway Miscellany

My latest completed railway proofreading project was a manuscript highlighting the varied locomotive fleet used on the different light railways of the UK with which Colonel Holman F. Stephens was involved with. In contrast to my recent ‘Duchess’ project, this latest project featured a myriad of both steam locomotives and various internal combustion powered machines. […]

A Northern Assortment

My most recent completed proofreading project for Pen & Sword Books was a pictorial album entitled ‘Passenger Trains in the North of England’. Author John Matthews previously compiled a companion album about freight trains in the same geographical location. The latest work is the follow-up and is a fine collection of black and white pictures, […]


Earlier today, I completed a new proofreading project for Pen & Sword Books, this time on a bus-related subject entitled ‘The Wrightbus StreetDeck Type’. This was a colour photograph album compiled by David Barrow, showcasing these superb vehicles in service with various bus companies in the UK and abroad. The Wrightbus StreetDeck itself was first […]

Craft of the Inland Waterways

Earlier today, I completed my latest proofreading project for Pen & Sword Books, this one entitled Craft of the Inland Waterways. Written by prolific author Anthony Burton, it is an outline history of the type of boats that frequented (and frequent) Britain’s waterways and canals, from Humber Keels and Norfolk Wherries to the latest eco-friendly creations. I […]

The Queen of British Steam Locomotives PT2

Recently I completed a proofread for Pen & Sword Books about the Princess Coronation Pacific steam locomotives of the London Midland and Scottish Railway. This took the story of the class from their beginnings to 1956. My most recent proofread was part two of the same story, from 1956 to the present day. Author David […]

More GWR four-coupled tank locomotives

Recently I carried out a proofreading project for Pen & Sword Books on the subject of four-coupled tank locomotives built by the Great Western Railway (GWR). More recently I did a similar exercise on author David Maidment’s follow-up book, this being about the four-coupled tank locomotives either built or operated by those railways taken over […]

Southern Way 58

After a short break, I recently undertook and completed a proofreading project for Crecy Publishing, the subject being ‘Southern Way 58’ (or SW58). I have worked on a number of recent editions of this quarterly publication and, after SW57, was under the impression that the magazine would be finishing due to the retirement of its […]

The Queen of British Steam Locomotives

My most recent, completed proofreading project for Pen & Sword Books was the first of a two-part volume about the life and times of the London Midland and Scottish Railway’s magnificent ‘Princess Coronation’ express passenger steam locomotives. This first volume appeared as part of the ‘Locomotive Portfolio’ series of books and was written by prolific […]

Unsung Heroes

Having recently completed the third book in a trilogy about the life and times of the Great Western Railway’s magnificent ‘Castle’ class steam locomotives, my most recent completed project, in complete contrast, was one about four-coupled tank locomotives that were built by the same company. The author was David Maidment, who had also penned the […]

The Magnificent Eight

Earlier today I completed a new railway proofreading project for Pen & Sword Books, this being the final part of a trilogy about the Great Western Railway’s Castle class steam locomotives. Previously I had proofread the first two volumes in the series, which covered the story from 1923 to 1959 (part one) and then to […]