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New proofreading project with a different theme.

Just completed another proofread for Pen & Sword, this one an oral history of working at The Royal London Hospital. Happy to look at other such projects.

Regional Tramways Proofread

I have just completed a new proofreading project for Pen & Sword Books, this one being about Tramways in the Midlands and Southern England. Happy to look at other such projects.

Recent proofreading activities

Following my visit to the London Book Fair on 10.4.18, I have been fortunate enough to receive three proofreading projects from Pen & Sword Books. Two of these were on railway subjects, one of which dealt with the life of a senior railway engineer working on the North Staffordshire Railway, the London, Midland and Scottish […]

Proofreading and publishing update

I am writing to say that Jacett Publishing is alive and kicking!  As regards books, copies are available of ‘Lectures, Railtours and Railway Walks’, ‘Excellence in Miniature’ and ‘From Nationalisation to Privatisation’. All of these titles can be obtained via the jacett.co.uk website. I am also looking at two new book projects and hope to […]

Lectures, Railtours and Railway Walks

Within the railway heritage industry, the most noticeable organisations are those who have worked long and hard to restore sections of closed line to their former glories, as well as rebuilding the locomotives and rolling stock that bring them to life. As well as these groups, at ‘grass-roots’ level are those railway study groups organising […]

From Nationalisation to Privatisation

Apart from my writing activities, I also carry out voluntary work for a national railway enthusiast study group, the Locomotive Club of Great Britain (LCGB). Through this work, I hold positions at both regional and national level for the LCGB, and it was through this work that I met Jack Turner, the subject of the […]

Excellence in Miniature

Ever since I had my first book, ‘Signals: A Railway Miscellany‘, published, I had had a wish to produce a sister volume. But what railway-related subject could I write about? After much thought, I decided to tackle the subject of narrow and miniature railways, the end product being ‘Excellence in Miniature‘. In the event, some […]

Signals: A Railway Miscellany

I would like to add a few words regarding my book ‘Signals: A Railway Miscellany‘, which was my first published work.  The book is made up of a collection of essays about railway-related subjects, the  geographical location being the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire. What are the topics covered? They include railway lines still […]

Jacett Publishing goes live

Jacett Publishing goes live

We’re excited to introduce a brand new look for 2017, with the launch of the completely redesigned website. Developed to improve our presence on the web, we think the new site is much more reflective of our core business values, and are thrilled with the modern look and feel of it. User-friendly, the site has […]