A Vital Supporting Role

In my experience, very few books have been written about the considerable work done by the railway systems used in direct support of the fighting forces during World War One. However, my latest completed proofreading project for Pen & Sword Books attempts to put this right. The manuscript in question was entitled ‘Allied Railways of the Western Front’. Written by Martin and Joan Farebrother, the railways in question were those situated in the Ypres sector of the Western Front and is the third in a series of similar books covering different parts of the Western Allies’ side of the WW1 battlefield. The book looked at lines in situ in the areas concerned before, during and after the conflict, along with those routes built during the conflict. Much detail of the military units involved as well as the motive power and rolling stock included were listed, along with tables and a collection of rare and unusual photographs, adding atmosphere to what was written. The book also highlighted the dangers faced by the soldiers involved, sadly with fatal results in many cases. Military historians will find much to interest them within its pages.

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