A Pub Crawl On Paper

My latest completed proofread for Pen & Sword Books was something very different from my usual subject matter – the topic in question being London’s Lost Pubs. Written by Sam Cullen, the manuscript was an overview of a cross-section of public houses closed for different reasons since the start of this century. The locations in which these pubs were situated were divided up, with the City of London as the starting point, followed by inner and then outer London, moving in geographical circles. More than 200 pubs were featured, each entry giving something of the background as to why each pub came into situ, unusual features and famous customers, amongst other things. The book was lavishly illustrated, backing up the informative text. Although it was sad to note that these venues have been lost, at least they have been immortalised in print, Mr Cullen emphasising their importance to their respective communities and clientele. A very well researched and written work – perhaps the first of a series?

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