A Northampton Time Machine

I recently completed a new proofreading project for Pen & Sword Books, this one on the subject of ‘Northampton’s Trams and Buses’. The author was David Beddall  and I have proofread a number of his previous books. The latest manuscript covered the history of public transport in Northampton and the surrounding area, beginning in the 1880s and continuing to the present day. Mr Beddall has a considerable knowledge of this subject and included a lot of  information in the informative text. The words were backed up by a comprehensive and wide-ranging series of pictures, both in colour and black and white, of various trams and buses, beginning with horse-drawn vehicles and concluding with some of the most modern machines. A worthy addition to the bookshelves of, amongst others,  historians and those bus enthusiasts interested in localised operations.

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