A Mixed Career

My latest completed proofreading project for Pen & Sword Books was a picture book entitled The London DM and DMS Buses. Drawing on the vast photographic collection of the book’s author, Mr Jim Blake, the manuscript looked at the short and troublesome life of the DM and DMS group of buses. By a Government directive, London Transport (LT), rather than procuring bespoke buses designed for service in London, were told to buy ‘off the peg’ vehicles, of which the DM/DMS was one of the first such types. Over a decade from the early 1970s onwards, these buses were plagued by mechanical problems, and they had largely left LT service before the end of the 1980s. However, many found a new life working for provincial bus companies, and also in Hong Kong and North America. Were they all bad? Perhaps they were not suited to working in London. Whatever, Mr Blake’s superb collection of pictures give a comprehensive overview of this, perhaps, part-forgotten group of vehicles.

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