A little-known Welsh railway

One of my more recent proofreading projects that I undertook for Pen & Sword Books was a manuscript on the subject of the Shropshire & Montgomeryshire Light Railway. I have now completed a second, similar project, this time about a neighbour of the above-mentioned company, the Tanat Valley Light Railway. The latter work was written by Peter Johnson, who has put together an interesting story of a railway situated near to the town of Oswestry. Opening in 1904, the line arrived on the railway scene too late, cost more to build than first thought, and then failed to carry enough traffic to pay off the debts incurred, let alone make any profit. The line was an early victim of closure, starting in the early 1950s, although the last working section was retired as late as 1992. A very readable story of a little-known Welsh railway.

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